Vanessa White - White & Wood Decor

About me

Hello and a huge welcome to you.  Thanks for popping by to get to know a little bit about me and my love for White, Wood and What I do.

My first large design project was my own wedding a couple of years ago.  Here I found my passion for design and my joy at being able to create my own vision. Once this creativity had been realised, I just couldn't stop

I've always been an 'outdoorsy' type of girl and can turn my hand to most things.... especially if there is a power tool involved.   I'm heavily influenced by neutral hues and embrace the natural simplicity in a piece of timber.   I adore a wood knot or the grain and bit of chippy paint really melts my butter.

 Never am I happier than when I'm up to my armpits in wood, paint, and tools. I have always had the desire to make or create and could never purchase anything that I thought I could make myself. It comes natural to me and so I am extremely lucky to be able to stay creative

Nothing gives me a greater sense of satisfaction like the feeling I get when I design and create a piece that someone else loves so much that they buy it. Even better is the feeling when they appreciate it so much that they want to buy it for someone else.

I smile at least once every day because my work gives me the chance to do something that I really love and care about.

Handmade with love is not just a phrase, it's what happens when a 'maker' makes. We work so hard on a project that we put a little piece of love into each piece.

Vanessa x